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GF Pizza, Take 2

13 Nov

C. and I made gluten free, vegan pizza this Veteran’s Day.

I have been hoarding a bag of Chëbë GF flour that I got for a dollar at Sunflower Market months ago. I had reservations about using it, see. GF products are usually dense and can be very dry due to the lack of gluten (duh). It’s sad, really. What makes them even worse, is making them vegan. Oddly enough, where adding apple sauce, flax meal, banana, or other vegan egg replacers to wheat flour makes the product almost too moist, in GF mixes, the result can be, well, horrendous. I made a batch of GF Cinnamon Apple muffins from a mix (who’s producer I have half a mind to boycott). I added apple sauce. You would think it would have been delicious, right? NO – it tasted like poop – poop on a bitter awful stick. I was pissed (mainly because I spent money on this thing that tasted worse than poison) and highly disappointed (and depressed).

Since then, I have found two GF mixes that I really like: Trader Joe’s Pancake/Waffle Mix and Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Dough Mix. The former, I have used for pancakes and in a breakfast cookie recipe (which I will post soon – it still needs some work). The later, I used in the first GF Pizza recipe I did here on EVA.

This time, C. and I jazzed up the dough and it came out fantastic! The crust tasted just like a thin crust pizza crust. The problem was the mild chewy/rubbery texture of the dough that was in contact with the topping. This, we think, can be averted in the future, by pre-baking the pizzas before topping them. Other than that, the pizza night was a success! We topped our pizzas (that were supposed to be calzones, but due to the unexpected small yield of dough were reassigned to pizzas) with vegan ricotta (option 1 and option 2), veggie caviar and marinara sauce.

Here is the recipe we used to make the pizza dough:

Gluten Free Chëbë Pizza Dough

1 bag of Chëbë Original Flavored All-Purpose Dough

2 Tbs flax meal

6 Tbs + 5 Tbs unsweetened soymilk

2 Tbs olive oil

1 tsp rosemary

1 tsp thyme

1 tsp oregano

1 tsp basil

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp garlic powder

salt and pepper

corn meal for dusting pizza stone

Preheat oven to 375F. Combine flax meal and 6 Tbs soymilk until thickens. Add to flour. Add olive oil and remaining 5 Tbs soymilk to flour. Mix well. Add spices and more soymilk until mixture is well incorporated and elastic. Divide into two portions and roll out into 1/8″ thick. Sprinkle pizza stone with corn meal, bake pizza for 10-15 minutes. Take out and coat with toppings and bake for another 20-30 minutes or until the edges are golden brown.

Peace and enjoy!

– Mags


Addendum: mac’n’cheeze

13 Nov

I did it!!! Vegan mac’n’cheeze that tastes not like boxed crap but the REAL dairy home-made thing, except ITS VEGAN! YooHHOOOO! 🙂

I took all of you gentle folks’ advise and threw a whole bunch of stuff together. The result was amazing! Only problem is, that I didn’t keep a record of the exact ingredients, but, off the top of my head, I think this is it. When I remake it, I promise to keep a closer eye on the proportions. I hope that you give it a shot and play around with ratios and ingredients on your own!

The Ultimate, the AMAZING totally AWESOMELY VEGAN Mac’n’cheeZee


GF pasta – cooked and drained (about 1/3 -1/2 bag dry)
1 C soy milk (unsweetened) + extra for blending of cashews
2/3 c raw cashews
1 Tbs natural peanut butter
1 tsp miso
1 tsp adobo
garlic powder
1/2 C nutritional yeast
1 C grated vegan cheddar (I used Vegan Gourmet because it’s the cheapest I’ve found that still melts and tastes pretty decent – especially when doctored up.)
1 tsp corn starch
1-2 tsp Dijon mustard
If you are not GF add 1 tsp Vegan Worcestershire sauce – does wonders for mac’n’cheese!!!

Cremini mushrooms or Portobello skillet grilled and seasoned with salt and pepper
chipotle salsa


Blend the cashews (or if you are lucky enough to possess a food processor, use that) adding soy milk (or your preferred non-dairy milk) until you get a smooth paste.
Heat the 1 C of soy milk in a pot and whisk in corn starch. Heat until begins to bubble and thicken. Turn heat down to medium-low. Add all the ingredients working pretty quickly.
Start by adding the nutritional yeast, whisking while you add it. When it is incorporated, add the cashew butter, peanut butter, miso, dijon, adobo and other spices. Add the grated vegan cheese last. Stir in the pasta and mushrooms (if you choose to use them). Serve with ketchup (if you eat sugar) or my preferance: chipotle salsa.

Peace and enjoy!
– Mags

The search for the ultimate vegan mac’n’cheese continues

4 Nov

As you all know, part of the premises of this blog are that vegan foods can be just as good if not better than non-veggie meals. Also, that you can make vegan foods that taste and/or eerily resemble “the real thing”. There are some foods, however, which probably will never even come close to the real thing. Mac’n’cheese is one of those. Being the stubborn human that I am,  I refuse to accept this fact and have embarked on an odyssey in search of the (ta-tee-ta-da) ultimate vegan mac’n’cheese. I will admit to you, dear readers, right now, that THIS is not it. However, it is creamy, rich, flavorful and SMELLS like the real thing, so, HEY we’re getting there! And as far as taste goes, it definitely hits the spot. So there you have it, cheap, quick and sort of cheesy, definitely mushroomy and moderately goulashy vegan mac’n’cheese.


– Mags

The Goulashy aka vegan mac’n’cheese


The Goulashy


1/2 bag Gluten Free Shells pasta (if you are not GF, regular pasta works as well, of course)

1-1/2C unsweetened soy milk

1 Tbs corn starch

1/2 C nutritional yeast flakes

1/2 C plain soy yogurt

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 tsp peanut butter

1 tsp miso

salt and pepper (to taste)

1/2 tsp paprika

1/4 tsp chili powder

1/4 tsp turmeric

1/2 container cremini mushrooms

2 cloves garlic minced

1 Tbs olive oil


Boil pasta according to instructions to al dente.

In the meantime, heat up olive oil and saute sliced mushrooms. After they have coated in oil and started to change color, season with salt and pepper. This makes them aromatic. Add garlic at the end until just starts to get golden. Set aside.

After pasta is al dente, drain it and prepare the cheese sauce in the pot:

Heat up soymilk and whisk in corn starch. When the milk begins to thicken, add the nutritional yeast and whisk in. Add the “wet flavorings” ie. the peanut butter, miso, dijon mustard and yogurt and whisk in . Add the dry seasonings and whisk. Fold in the pasta and coat thoroughly with cheese sauce. Add mushrooms and garlic and serve.

Is also great reheated the next day.


It looks and smells like mac'n'cheese - but does it taste like it? Only YOU can find out!











Ideas for future endeavors:

* use almond or cashew butter or tahini – almond butter will add a mildly sweet taste and add more texture, cashew butter will make it much more creamy and tahini will make it creamy, thick and almost swiis cheese flavored (slightly bitter after taste)

* shred in vegan cheese in block form for more cheesy texture

If you have any ideas or experiences with vegan mac’n’cheese please share!! We’d love to hear from you!