Homemade Hot Pockets

30 Sep

I live a long way away from my best friend. This is a fact that brings me fairly regular grief. I miss her many times a day for many different reasons. Recently, she started raving about this recipe from Choosy Beggars:  http://www.choosy-beggars.com/index.php/2010/04/09/pub-night-philly-cheese-steak-buns/ for buns stuffed with meat and cheese. Now, one, I love a stuffed bun. Holy kamole do I. Two, I like eating things she’s eating, because it’s a little bit almost like maybe we were cooking together. But, clearly, meat is not a thing with which I am willing to stuff a bun (That sounds dirty).

Changes I made from the original: 

1) I forgot to buy bell peppers, so, I didn’t put any in. Also, my far away bestest hates bell peppers with a vengeance, so, it was more like what she would eat to do it without them. 

2) I mixed mayo and dijon and used it in place of the ketchup, because I am almost out of sugar free vegetarian ketchup and that shiz is expensive. 

3) I used a mix of seitan (I did not make my own, I used a package) and italian “sausage” (that new brand that comes in links wrapped in plastic. It’s yummy).

4) I couldn’t find a block of provolone at the store (where is the provolone love, Safeway?!) so I mixed what was in my fridge: provolone, swiss and american. 

They’re delicious. They’re easy. The recipe makes a ton. They keep and reheat well. I’m really excited about them, and I’m going to make some with a spinach/artichoke/olive/feta/sundried tomato thing. I’m pretty stoked about it. My husband points out that it is basically just a homemade hot pockets. Yeah dude, people have been making hand pies for as long as they’ve been making bread, basically. That doesn’t mean it’s not WAY BETTER than a Hot Pocket. Like, a million, trillion times better. Quality control, flavor, fresh dough, all of it. 

The best part is, I get to eat what my best friend is eating (sort of) and we can talk about how awesome the recipe is. 

It’s hard to be a long distance best friend. It’s easy to make hot pockets at home. 

Be Careful Out There




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