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Vegetarian Cooking rocks!

29 Oct

Natalie Portman on Top Chef: Common misconceptions about vegetarian cooking as reported by

I love the fact she says that being “adventurous” (with food) and being vegetarian are not mutually exclusive. Check out all the fantastic vegan blogs out there if you doubt this! Actually, much like this author, I feel that becoming vegan forced me to become more aware of my food, enjoy my food more, and turn to a larger variety of foods to balance nutrients. (That could have also been partly due to not escaping into a zone every time I ate to “not think about” the fact that I was eating a dead animal.)  I also noticed that before being vegan, I had a handful of things that I ate pretty much every meal. It was boring, hum-drum and not healthy. (Well, that and the fact that I was actively engaging in my eating disorder, but you already knew THAT.)  Now, having gone gluten-free and vegan, I find myself trying out even more new vegetables, legume blends, obscure nuts, mushrooms and spices, especially since I can no longer rely on good ol’ Tofurky. (sigh)
The author makes some other great notes, but you should read it for your selves. The only thing lacking in this article is a stronger representation for vegans. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians do have it “easier”, but you can add just as much flavor and satisfying (and balanced) nutrition without feta, eggs, or butter.  You DO need to get over the fear of fat.

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BTW – I LOVE how the chefs’ faces drop when Natalie says that “the only thing is that she’s vegetarian”. It makes me giggle.